LED Walls / Jumbotron

Enhance the audience experience with a Jumbotron. Use bright graphics or a custom video feed that can be seen during the day or at night.

Each LED wall installation is tailored for a perfect fit.

IMAG / Multicam

Get a front-row seat every time with image magnification. Include a multi-cam setup for more camera angles and an enriched viewer experience.

Use custom graphics and logos to take your event or show to the next level. Seamless integration into the video feed will make for a breathtaking sight.

LED glow furniture / Light up furniture rental

Light up your event or private party with one-of-a-kind LED light-up and glow furniture.

Multiple color selections make it easy to match your theme. Select from different furniture layouts for a custom fit to your venue.

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Renting LED Furnitures, LED walls, Jumbotron, lights, Sound, production

Lights & FXS

Up the production value by adding lights and moving heads to your stage. Light a tent, illuminate your backyard or even highlight architectural elements at a unique venue.

Renting LED Furnitures, LED walls, Jumbotron, lights, Sound, production

Video Production

Corporate • Bands • Weddings • Live Stream / Broadcasting

Make your business or music band stand out with professional video. Having a quality sample to showcase your talents is a game-changer.

Capture the best day of your life with a custom-crafted wedding video.

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