LED Walls / Jumbotron

Integrate graphics or a custom video feed that can be seen during the day or night into your next event.

Each installation is tailored for a perfect fit.

IMAG / Multicam

Get a front-row seat every time with image magnification. Include a multi-cam setup for more camera angles and an enriched viewer experience.

LED Glow Furniture

Light up your event or private party with one-of-a-kind LED light-up and glow furniture.

Renting LED Furnitures, LED walls, Jumbotron, lights, Sound, production

Lights & FXS

Up the production value by adding lights and moving heads to your stage. Light up a tent, illuminate your backyard, or even highlight architectural elements at a special venue.

Video Production

Make your business or music band stand out with professional video. Having quality samples to showcase your talents is a game-changer.


Capture the best day of your life in video. We are a husband and wife team and we work hard to deliver a captivating mini-movie of your big day for sharing.

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