Get started with Live Streaming or improve your current setup!

Know your software
platforms and the benefits
they offer

Select the right social platform for delivery, streaming devices, and control software for mixing right from the start!

Equipment Needs

To ensure a successful live stream you will need to determine what types of cameras, video mixers, software, computers, audio interfaces, and equipment mounting solutions work best for your situation and location.

Create your ideal setup for streaming success.

Robust software and reliable
internet make streaming
a breeze

There are many options on the market today for streaming software, select the one with a plan that works best for you.

Test, and test some more!

Rehearse, review, test, and test again! Check the feed to monitor audio levels and audience engagement.

Your method of delivery may
have changed but your
message is the still the same

Continue to do what you do best with LIVE STREAMING!

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